About us

It all begin already when I was a little girl when my family owned Cocker Spaniels that introduced me into the wonders of the dog world. The English Cocker Spaniel Aslan (Flowingriver Zaslan) was the world's best hobby buddy for a young girl, a guide to the dog world. The first American Cocker Spaniel was bought in 1990. She was called Sheela (Quaretermaster Candida) and was co-owned with Merja Ylhäinen. From Sheelas second litter I got my very first own dog Melody (Candida`s Miss Melody) in 1993. My love to these both breed was born, and during the years my family has owned many amazing dogs. Since I was a child I had admired Irish Water Spaniels at dog shows. My mother got Leevi (Catanka Hills Street Blues) in 2001 from Seidi Linnavuori and when in 2007 I finally had a change to get 'BIG' dog, it was absolutely Irish Water Spaniel. JoJo (Catanka Intensive JoJo) came also from Seidi Linnavuori in the autumn 2007. I was in the breed to stay!
I have been active in dogs sports since I was child and breeding dogs has always interested me. In 2002 I got my kennel name Salho's. It took still 9 years before the first litter saw the day light.

My first Irish Water Spaniel litter was born at the beginning of 2017, you may get to know the litter in their own
page. And finally first English cocker litter at the beginning of 2020.​I try to breed dogs without exaggerated qualities according to the breed standard concerning both characteristics and appearance. Every litter is carefully planned and I breed for myself hoping that every litter gives me something for the future.

I am educated animal carer and professional groomer.
​We are living in Orimattila Southern part of Finland. You are always welcome to come meet me and my dogs!